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Welcome to Tom Khabaza’s website.  Read on for straightforward explanations of data mining and predictive analytics.


Data mining is an analytical business process which applies business knowledge to data in order to achieve business goals, creating new business knowledge and often using predictive modelling algorithms.  Predictive analytics is a family of business solutions which embed data mining and predictive modelling into a business process.  Data mining is the “predictive core” of predictive analytics.


Tom’s mission is to create an effective data mining and predictive analytics capability in the business community, based on a widespread understanding of the nature and benefits of data mining.


To contact Tom, please email info@khabaza.com.




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Data Mining & Predictive Analytics

Tom Khabaza

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Interesting event at Nesta on Monday 13th July 2015, about analytics skills and education: Securing the skills for the data revolution: New evidence and policy recommendations 

The Society of Data Miners, in association with the Data Science Institute of Imperial College London, is delighted to welcome Meta Brown, author of Data Mining for Dummies, who will speak on “Analytics Failure: How to Avoid It” at 6:30pm on Weds 24th June 2015 at the Huxley Building, Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus.  Registration required, click here for details.