Data Mining & Predictive Analytics

Tom Khabaza




CRISP-DM is the CRoss-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining, the industry standard data mining methodology. 


First published in 1999, CRISP-DM 1.0 was produced by a consortium of companies under the EU’s Framework IV R&D initiative.  Further information can be found at


Update on 30th July 2011: The CRISP-DM website is currently unavailable, but the methodology document can be found here.  Many thanks to Nancy Grady for providing this!
















The CRISP-DM methodology provides essential support for those seeking to understand and practise data mining.  The required process for success in data mining has been invented independently by many practitioners.  By standardising terminology, CRISP-DM has made it easy for practitioners to communicate about specific data mining projects and about the process in general.  CRISP-DM also improves the training of new data miners by providing a detailed and standardised answer to the question “How should data mining be performed?”



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